Zainurul Aniza Rahman


Zainurul Aniza A. Rahman is a senior lecturer in Graphic Communication Section at the School of the Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia since June 2012. Born in George Town, Penang, she completed her Bachelor Degree at the same school that she’s currently working now. Her industry experience as a design practitioner and educator is more than 16 years in Malaysia and 8 years in Australia. Her design practices engaged with local and international companies, NGO’s and government institutions in the areas of service design, identity design, signage system, printing technologies, branding strategies and design thinking. As an academic, her area of research includes Malaysian design, culture and history; icons of Malaysia national and cultural identity; popular women magazines, cartoons and printed advertisement in Malaysia; and Malaysian archives of graphic visual ephemerals, icons, and images of everyday life. During her academic appointment, she has presented both in local and international conferences, invited as a speaker, and have conducted several international design-related workshops and talks. She co-authored in writing the CODE (Code of Professional Conduct) for Malaysian graphic designer and translated Malay version of Do Good Design book by David Berman. She is a committee member of wREGA (Graphic Design Association of Malaysia), a professional member of MRM (Malaysian Design Council) and AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association). Besides her usual daily routine, she also performs in Jazz gigs around Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Penang with Tinta Rouge, Penang Philharmonic and also Northern Jazz Unit. She loves traveling, taking new challenge and exploring different flavours of the cuisine. 

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