About The Research

The research ‘The Nature and Functions of Qalb in Leadership: An Investigation of The Integration of Naqli and Aqli Knowledge-Based for Global Leaders’ is a study conducted by researchers from Qalb Leadership Team in Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) together with the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT).

The research demonstrates Qalb-Leadership framework aims to bridge the existing gaps in nurturing morally balanced and responsible human beings. This proposal uses the Arabic term qalb (the heart) as explained by al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi (d. 320 H) in Al-bayan al-farq bayn al-ṣadr wa-al-qalb wa-al-fu’ād wa-al-lubb or The Explanation of the Difference Between the Chest, the Heart, the Inner Heart and the Intellect. Qalb has a definite meaning as an immaterial intellectual spiritual substance located inside the human being. It is a specific characteristic that differentiates humankind from animals. Qalb reflects the meaning and pattern of leadership and is endowed with the ability to conceptualise, grasp, reflect and influence one’s thinking and behaviour. It occupies a central position in the human body, and can be nurtured and made immaculate through true knowledge, the right practices, skills and training.

Research Objectives

  1. To explore the meaning and the characteristics of leadership from the Islamic perspective.
  2. To investigate the relationship of qalb and leadership.
  3. To investigate the nature and functions of qalb which contribute to the practice of effective leadership.
  4. To investigate the association of qalb and leadership that forms the theoretical basis of effective and sustainable leadership for the benefits of global leaders.
  5. To propose a new comparative framework of leadership for global leaders.

Research Outputs

  • Publication of Qalb-Based Leadership Module for Higher Education Leaders
    •    Publication of Qalb-Based Leadership Module: A Reference Index.
    •    Development of training materials for Malaysia Higher Education Leadership Academy – AKEPT.
    •    Development of Qalb-Based Leadership framework and measures.
  • Series of Leadership Talks and Training at AKEPT
    The Qalb-Based Leadership research members in collaboration with AKEPT will organise a series of Islamic Leadership talks at the agency. The talks or seminars will be used as platforms for researchers to gather feedback from participants and thoughts from scholars in the field.
  • Publication of LEADER Magazine
    The magazine is a semi-academic magazine to be published three times a year in February, June and October by the Faculty of Leadership and Management, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM). This publication is a part of the effort to spread wings in publishing and writing which focus on Islamic Leadership and leadership for public reading. In addition, the publication of this magazine can deploy complete information concerning the different figures highlighted in each issue of the magazine.



The result of irresponsible decisions made by global leaders affected the nation, society and the environment were sparked from unbalanced decisions that fail to uphold the equilibrium between the mind, soul and body. The Qalb leadership model has enlightened the global thinkers providing a more comprehensive and balanced leadership style as compared to the orthodox leadership style naming autocrative, participative and delegative (lassie faire). Nevertheless, the theory will only be good on paper, if there is no guidance on how to achieve it. Therefore, the decision making model that suited the Qalb leadership theory that focussed on a balance and sustainability global reform will act as the bridge that connects theory and reality. As wisdom, courage, justice and temperance are the outer response of the inner self need a systematic Decision Making model that supports primordial human being through universal values such as faith, life, intellect, offspring and wealth. The Decision Making model is loops of inputs, processes and outputs that provide continuous improvement of good and excellence decisions.


Qalb-Guided Leadership Slides

Qalb-Guided Leadership 2016-2018 Programme & Activities >> view

1 | Understanding Spirituality, Human Being & Qalb >> view

| Qalb Traits & Behaviours >> view

| Qalb Cardinal Virtues >> view

4 | Activities >> view

5 | Qalb-Guided Leadership Complete Module AL101 >> view      | MS Word format >> view

6 | Qalb-Guided Leadership Participants’ Handbook AL407 >> view      | MS Word format >> view

7 | Qalb-Guided Leadership Decision Making Module AL404 >> view      | MS Word format >> view

8 | Qalb-Guided Leadership Decision Making Handout >> view

9 | Qalb-Guided Leadership Decision Making Activity >> view


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