Qalb Based Leadership Decision Making

About Research

The result of irresponsible decisions made by global leaders affected the nation, society and the environment were sparked from unbalanced decisions that fail to uphold the equilibrium between the mind, soul and body. The Qalb leadership model has enlightened the global thinkers providing a more comprehensive and balanced leadership style as compared to the orthodox leadership style naming autocrative, participative and delegative (lassie faire). Nevertheless, the theory will only be good on paper, if there is no guidance on how to achieve it. Therefore, the decision making model that suited the Qalb leadership theory that focussed on a balance and sustainability global reform will act as the bridge that connects theory and reality. As wisdom, courage, justice and temperance are the outer response of the inner self need a systematic Decision Making model that supports primordial human being through universal values such as faith, life, intellect, offspring and wealth. The Decision Making model is loops of inputs, processes and outputs that provide continuous improvement of good and excellence decisions.

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