Investigating The State of Quality of Life and Psychological Well-Being of Kampung Dwellers in Negeri Sembilan

Research members:

  1. Dr. Siti Nubailah Mohd Yusof
  2. Dr. Haslee Sharil Lim Abdullah
  3. Dr. Dini Farhana Baharudin
  4. Dr. Nurhafizah Mohd Sukor
  5. Dr. Farhana Sabri

In Malaysia, quality of life (QoL) research is at forefront of the medical, social and economic research that aims to achieve the rapid development of this country. Government has taken efforts to narrow the gaps between the progress of its citizen both in urban and rural communities. In 2012, the government has introduced the Malaysia Quality of Life Index (MQLI) which aimed to reflect the government’s policy framework. There are also government strategies to urbanize the country side by providing modern urban facilities and convenience such as introducing ICT centre in rural communities to improve their quality of life in terms of educational access, economy and overall life satisfaction. This study will utilize the convergent-parallel design to collect, measure, code and interpret data regarding the quality of life and psychological well-being of kampung dwellers.  Both quantitative (survey questionnaire) and qualitative (in-depth interview) methods will be use in this research.

Thus, this study aims to investigate the quality of life in terms of psychological health of the rural residents in two areas in Negeri Sembilan, namely Seri Menanti and Kuala Pilah. There are several specific objectives which are; i) to better understand the life of the kampung dwellers in Seri Menanti and Kuala Pilah, ii) to examine the objective measure of quality of life and psychological well-being among kampung dwellers, iii) to explore how kampung dwellers make meaning and interpret their quality of life and psychological well-being, iv) to explore the needs of kampung dwellers in terms of quality of life and psychological well-being and v) to explore the attachment to kampung so that the young generation feel intact.

The expected outcome from this study would be the level, the meaning and intepretation and the needs of quality

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