Prof. Madya Dr. Nuruliza Roslan

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nuruliza Roslan

Dr. Nuruliza Roslan holds a PhD in Cancer Biology from the University of Sydney, Australia, where her research focused on studying the genes involved in breast cancer development using the “small interfering RNA” technique. This technique is used to selectively inhibit the expression of specific genes, allowing researchers to understand their roles in various cellular processes. Currently, Dr. Nuruliza Roslan serves as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. Additionally, she holds the position of Deputy Dean at the Institute of Islamic Sciences at the same university. Her research interests encompass cancer biology and cellular metabolism, with a particular focus on lipid biology. Lipids are essential molecules involved in various cellular functions, including energy storage and signaling pathways. Investigating lipid biology can provide insights into cancer development and progression. Beyond her research, Dr. Nuruliza Roslan is committed to raising cancer awareness and promoting STEM education. She engages in community-based programs that aim to spread awareness about cancer and educate the public. She led a National Knowledge Transfer Grant Project that involved conducting HPV (Human Papillomavirus) awareness seminars for secondary school counselors in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. This initiative was a collaborative effort involving USIM with the State Education Department of Negeri Sembilan and school counselors. The program trained these counselors, who then disseminated HPV awareness knowledge to their respective schools. This program also led to the creation of a Massive Online Open Course, which received a gold award for its impact. Furthermore, Dr. Nuruliza Roslan has developed innovative educational products to enhance cancer awareness and STEM education. She designed an interactive cancer game-based model to engage and educate the public about cancer. To expand her STEM education initiatives, she collaborates with universities (USM and UiTM), industrial partners, and NGOs to bring hands-on science activities and experiments to rural schools. This approach helps students gain practical experience and exposure to scientific concepts. Currently, her community-based projects have expanded to include the Orang Asli communities, with the aim of understanding more about their culture and lifestyle. Dr. Nuruliza Roslan’s dedication to science communication extends to her role as a columnist for the Malaysian Medical Gazette. She uses this platform to share her passion for science with the general public through popular articles.

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